GFS Related

On 1st April 1993

Area covers 1300 kilometers south of Hong Kong

Around 230 staff

Search and rescue, air ambulance, internal security and general government support

In 1999

360 Degree Search Radar, Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) Detection System / TV camera

In March of 2016 and Bombardier Challenger 605

Life rafts, Datum Marker Buoy, Sea-dye Markers

1650 shaft Horsepower

Aft baggage door


Aircraft related

In 1993

In 1997

18.42m / 60ft 5 in

30 seats

1.78m / 5ft 10in


11,000 kg

250 Knots

2600 kg of Jet A-1

6 hours with diversion fuel and 500 nm (900 km) radius of action


10 links

45 degree each side of neutral

Two bottles

550 ampere

Rotating the voltage selector to the EMERG/GROUND position

One in each side on the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizer

On the roof panel

120 degree


Under the flight deck floor on the right hand side

Systems related

Flaps and spoilers

Provide contingency thrust on the live engine following engine failure during take-off or on go-around

Most efficient at flight speed below 390 knots and can fly at low altitude and low speed.

On the upper fuselage just aft of the main door

Landing gear and flap

Aileron and elevator

26V ac and 115V ac single phase 400 Hz

Pressure gauge in the center pedestal on the flight deck

Bleed air from either engine

Three circuitries

It continuously supplies to each propeller, but automatically switched between inner and outer heating elements.

Four power supply units

Stall warning vane heaters

It’s used to interconnect the left and right engine fuel feed lines

Use under wing fuel level indicator sticks to measure the fuel quantity

The engine speed reaches 10 %

Between 10% and 60% engine speed

In the nose equipment bay

No effect

12 inch diameter

12 COM and 12 NAV memory

The flap will stop moving

Within the range of +18℃ to +27℃

The cabin pressure has reached an altitude of 10,000ft

24V dc battery busbars

Battery temperature exceeds 60℃

Standby battery is above 24V dc

Static inverters

No.1 and No.2 DADC respectively

In the rear equipment bay

Disengage the AP, command wings level and 8 degree pitch up attitude on the EADI

From No.1 and No.2 AHRS.